[price] Wilson -6 dB Tap with -1.5 dB Pass-Thru, 859906, fits [extra_field_1]
Wilson -6 dB Tap with -1.5 dB Pass-Thru, 859906

Wilson -6 dB Tap with -1.5 dB Pass-Thru, 859906

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  • Unequal amounts of signal sent to two antennas for & different sized areas
  • One output port loses 6 dB; one loses 1.5 dB
  • 75 percent of the signal strength is sent through the -1.5 dB output port
  • 800 MHz band (Cellular & iDEN) / 1900 MHz band
  • Can be wired in series (daisy-chained) to power up to 20 antennas
  • N-Female Connectors

Unequal Power Splitters maintain DC continuity to both the main and coupled ports. Use where efficient broadband power splirring is required. Dividers feature low insertion loss and excellent impedance match.



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