Wilson Electronics Connectors

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Wilson FME-Female / Mini-UHF-Female Connector, 971103
Wilson FME-Female / TNC-Female Connector, 971104
Wilson FME-Male / Mini-UHF-Male Connector, 971105
Wilson FME-Male / TNC-Male Connector, 971106
Wilson FME Female to N Female Adapter, 971107
Wilson N-Female / FME-Male Connector, 971108
Wilson Crimp  N-Male for 9913 Equivalent Cable, 971109
Wilson FME-Male / Mini-UHF-Female Connector
Wilson Crimp TNC-Male for RG-58 Cable, 971111
Wilson Crimp Mini-UHF-Male for RG-58 Cable, 971112
Wilson N-Male / FME-Male Connector, 971113
Wilson Crimp FME-Female for RG-58 Cable, 971114
Wilson Crimp FME-Male for RG-58 Cable, 971115
Wilson Crimp N-Male for RG-58 Cable, 971116
Wilson N-Female / N-Female Barrel Connector, 971117
Wilson Crimp Mini-UHF-Female for RG-174 Cable, 971118
Wilson FME-Male / SMA-Male Connector, 971119
Wilson Crimp FME-Female for RG-174 Cable, 971120
Wilson FME-Female / FME-Female Barrel Connector
Wilson FME Female to SMA Male 6 Inch RG 174 Cable, 971125
Wilson FME Female to SMA Female 6 RG 174 Cable, 971126
Wilson N Male to F Female Connector
Wilson Crimp SMA Male to RG58, 971131

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