Wilson 50 Ohm Building Mount Antenna

Wilson 50 Ohm Building Mount Antenna

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Amplifier/Repeater applications.

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Durable fiberglass dual band Cellular/PCS omni-directional 5 dB antenna. Includes mounting hardware brackets. Designed for use a donor antenna in Amplifier/Repeater applications. click here to view package contents 

This Wilson 50 Ohm Building Exterior Dual-Band Cellular/PCS Fiberglass base station antenna is a convenient and highly durable solution for base station or micro base station applications. This durable antenna is excellent for use with dual-band repeater/amplifier applications - for example, as the exterior antenna with a Wilson Cellular 801245 SOHO Dual-Band Amplifier/Repeater. It may also be connected directly to your modem or cell phone (with appropriate cabling and phone adapter cable - see below.) 

Pole mounted antenna should be mounted as high as possible in order to minimize obstruction between antenna and cell tower. This package contains the antenna, 14" of coax, and mounting hardware. Antenna may be mounted to pole up to 1-3/4" in diameter or to flat surface. Does not include pole/mast. 

  • Supports 800/850MHz Cellular frequency band, 1900MHz PCS frequency band as well as iDEN/Nextel. 
  • This antenna includes one 14" section of cable terminated in FME female. You will need to select cabling separately. 

Requires Cable to attach to amplifier (this antenna only includes a 14" section of cable terminated in FME female). The following cables are terminated properly for this antenna and require no additional connectors or adapters to connect this antenna to a Wilson amplifier.

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