Samsung USB Charging/Sync Data Cable for Samsung S20-Pin Phones - ECC1DS2UBE

Samsung USB Charging/Sync Data Cable for Samsung S20-Pin Phones - ECC1DS2UBE

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Samsung S20-Pin phones only

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This Samsung S20-Pin to USB Charging Data Cable provides the ability to connect your S20-Pin compatible Samsung phone to your compatible PC allowing your Samsung phone to become an external modem while also charging your phone and syncing your data. Use your phone to dial up to the Internet for online access, email etc. Also, compatible for use with Standard USB Car Charger Adapters. (For use with Samsung S20-Pin phones only)

The Samsung USB Charging Data Cable, manufactured by Samsung is compatible with the Samsung A107, A117, A167, A177, A227, A237, Magnet A257, Jitterbug A310, A513, A517, A637, A657, Sunburst A697, A737, SLM A747, A777, Access A827, Propel A767, Rugby A837, Eternity A867, Impression A877, Solstice A887, T409, Gleam U700, BlackJack II i617, ACE i325, Propel Pro i627, i637, Omnia i900, Epix i907, Omnia i910, M300, M305, Slash M310, Mantra M340, M510, M520, S30 Instinct, Instinct M800, Mysto, Axle R311, R410, Tint R420, R520 Trill, R600 Hue II, R610, Delve R800, Finesse R810, T119, T139, T229, T239, T339, T419, T439, T429, Gravity T459, Gravity 2 T469, Beat T539, Comeback T559, T639, T659, Blast T729, Katalyst T739, Highlight T749, T819, Behold T919, Memoir T929, Fin, Knack U310, Smooth U350, U430, Cleo U440, DoubleTake U450, Intensity U450, Juke U470, Trance U490, Convoy U640, Sway U650, Alias 2 U750, Renown U810, Flipshot U900, Glyde U940, Rogue U960 and Z400 phone models.

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