Samsung Fast Charge Battery Pack 5100 mAh in Black - EB-PG930BBUGUS
Samsung Fast Charge Battery Pack 5100 mAh

Samsung Fast Charge Battery Pack 5100 mAh in Black - EB-PG930BBUGUS

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Take high speed charging on the go with the new 5100mAh Fast Charge Battery Pack (Black). This battery pack allows you to charge at a much faster rate than traditional USB charging options. Not sure what high speed charging technology is built into your device? This product will default to the fastest charging speed available for your Android device. And with a universal USB port output, you can charge other smartphones, tablets or other electronics capable of charging via USB at standard charging rates. The battery pack’s 5100mAh capacity can be recharged over and over. When fully powered, the battery pack holds enough juice to provide 1-2 full charges for most of the latest smartphones.

Pass Through Charging 
Charge the battery pack and a device connected to the battery pack overnight with pass-through charging. When a device is attached to the battery pack and the battery pack is being charged from a power outlet, the device will be charged to 100% first and then the battery pack will begin to charge.

Easy to Use 
To begin charging, plug in a USB charging cable like the included USB to Micro USB charging cable to the USB output port (larger rectangular port) on the battery pack and connect the opposite end of your charging cable (whether Micro USB or other) to your smartphone, tablet or other electronic device. Your device will immediately begin to charge. For recharging the battery pack itself, plug a Micro USB charger into the Micro USB port of the battery pack.

Safe Charging 
Official Samsung lithium ion batteries are built-in to ensure an optimal charging experience for a range of Samsung or non-Samsung devices.

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